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Press, the Fourth Estate of democracy is an indispensible part of civil society.  Shouldering massive responsibility, the International Press (or IP) reports on important events all around the world informing the public of major developments taking place. While reporting speeches of leaders and diplomats, International Press cannot afford mistakes. The IP also has the additional responsibility of taking pictures and recording of the proceedings of United Nations Organization.

 In an MUN, the role of IP is similar. They are divided into two broad categories; the reporters and photographers. They are required to cover the MUN Conference by listening to debates and discussions in various Committees, interviewing delegates and Executive Board, analyzing speeches and preparing reports summarizing the session. The reporters have to be particularly attentive; always taking notes of the proceedings, for a sudden development may change the dynamics of the discussion. The photographers click what the reporters don’t hear, capturing the essence of the debate.

Thus, IP forms the eyes and ears of this simulation of United Nations.



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