World Stakeholders’ Meet

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The World Stakeholders’ Meet is an unconventional committee that has been simulated for the first time in the history of Model United Nation Conferences and is a brainchild of the students of GLC, Mumbai.

This meet is expected to be a dynamic, real time, constant crisis committee that is sure to give the delegates an action packed debate and test their spontaneity and diplomacy when they are most under pressure. Delegates will be expected to resolve worldly crisis situations in real time short spans, lest the stakeholders be debarred or disqualified from the meet at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Delegates will be faced with critical global emergency situations that will require immediate attention from the stakeholders and allies amidst existing crisis conditions, thereby making the committee a diplomatic battleground for power, politics and supremacy!


1. Discussing Phillippine’s War on Drugs

2. Venenzuela’s catastrophe: repercussion and retaliation

3. Mitigating hostilities between India and Pakistan with special reference to Kashmir and Balochistan.

4. The Korean Crisis

5. The Plight of the Rohingyas in Myanmar

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