The ‘Teach for India’ Committee

The ‘Teach for India’ Committee, lovingly called the TFI Committee, is the pride of GLCMUN. In its third consecutive year, it is a noble and unique initiative which has been introduced in collaboration with Teach for India, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to solve the problem of educational inequity in India.
GLCMUN has had the opportunity of giving underprivileged children an exposure to the world of MUNs. In the previous edition, we were privileged to have witnessed these children engage in an unbelievably high level of debates and discussions in the committee with commendable public speaking skills and dedication towards the event.
This year, once again, we are honored to be associated with TFI and are proud to present to you, The GLCMUN TFI Committee, 2017!

Please note: This Committee is not open to participation from other institutions, therefore no registrations shall be accepted for the TFI Committee.

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